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If you are running a business, or even if it’s a ‘hobby’, you want to try and “tie in” everything with the name of the business or what you’re doing. This gives you an “entity” that all works together. 

Rather than having your business name, then a free “limited” email address that doesn’t match your business name or some horribly long web address to try and remember a domain name allows your to “tie it all together”. 

If someone remembers your business name and it matches the web address, then they’re going to be able to find you. And that can turn into increased sales/better exposure to your market plus more....

Also, if you just use a “free” email address, or the address with your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and you decide to change then you have to notify everyone of the new address. With a Domain Name you keep it for as long as you want and it renews every two years. No more “”, you can have ‘’.


Once you have a ‘Domain Name’, you need somewhere to store everything that relates to it. This is where hosting comes into it. Hosting is your “little pigeon hole” on the internet. 

When someone types in, hosting is the behind scenes part that directs them to where they need to go. Not only that, it also handles and stores your email as well. 

Without hosting your Domain Name doesn’t really do anything or go anywhere. Hosting is the storage part to it all. The more information you want to store or keep then the larger storage space you want. 

With all the HostingServiceWA plans there are large amounts of storage space and bandwidth so you’ll never miss out on information. You can also change plans at any time if you need more storage space.


HostingServicesWA came about after 12 months of research of some of the “larger” hosting places. With some other companies plans in excess of $400 for hosting and $150 for Domain Names, I wanted to be able to offer clients a more “personalised” service that didn’t cost an arm and a leg. I wanted to be able to offer Domain Name Registrations and Hosting so that it was affordable for everyone. 

I also wanted to take the legwork out of it for those who knew they wanted it (or needed it) but didn’t know where to start. After all the research I found I could offer some great plans at better pricing, still have the service that people expected and most importantly, have a service that was reliable. HostingServicesWA is able to resell services with a company that has 99% uptime and backed by great hardware and support.

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