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Here we have some Support Articles you may find useful

1. Access CPanel (Control Panel for the website)

2. Create a New Email

3. Create an Autoresponder

To access your website CPanel (Control Panel)

Each site comes with it’s own Control Panel where you can access a wide variety of features including many of the things listed below. To access this is very easy.

1. Open your web browser such as Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge etc.

2. Type in your domain name followed by /cpanel. For example if your Domain Name is then your CPanel would be

3. Enter the main (first) username assigned to you when you first set up the account (This you can normally find on your “Welcome Letter” sent to you when you first signed up.

4. Type in the password given to you for this username (Which again will be in the “Welcome Letter”.

5. Click “Login”and this will then get you into the Control Panel website for all the features.

You can also read more about CPanel and it’s features here.

To create a new email

Log in to CPanel -in most cases this is - then -

1. Click on "Email Accounts".

2. Click on "Add Email Account"

3. Type in the first part of the email you want - eg daniel for

4. Type in a password, or click "Generate Password" for it to give you a secure one. Please note, that passwords generally have to reach a set level to keep it secure.

5. You can set a Quota limit or have it unlimited. This limit will be no larger then the total space on your hosted server. (Generally 2-3GB is enough for most people, depending on how much you want stored.

6. Once completed, Click "Create Account", and it will also send an email to the new account with the details you've just added, and basic settings to help set it up.

To create an Autoresponder.

Log in to CPanel -in most cases this is or Webmail - in most cases this then -

1. Click on Autoresponders

2. Click on "Add Autoresponder"

3. Set the interval - this will normally be set to 1 or 2 hours. This is so the system doesn't constantly send a reply to people if they email you again within that timeframe.

4. Choose the email it is for - for example - daniel (It will complete the rest of the part for you).

5. Type in the from name - for example Daniel Kerr

6. Type in the Subject line you want - for example "Auto-Responder : Out of Office" or "Closed for Easter").

7. Type out the Body of the Message - for example "Thanks for the email. I'm currently closed for the Easter break from 1st April to 5th April. I will answer your email on my return. For anything urgent please contact xyz"

8. You can then set a start and finish date for the Autoresponder to auto activate as well. This way it starts at a set time and finishes at a set time as well.

9. Once finished you click on "Create/Modify" and your Autoresponder is all set.

You can also go back at a later date and adjust the same autoresponder with different details for things as well.

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